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NLCS seeks to provide an environment that is conducive to the character development of each of us as we mature in our relationship with Jesus Christ. We recognize that this growth is a process and just as Christ has grace for us, we also should have grace for each other. We also challenge each other to uphold the standards set forth in God's Word. In addition to the daily instruction that happens in classrooms, there are two ways that NLCS seeks to develop godly character in our students:


  • Service- Jesus came into the world to serve others and to set an example for us to do the same. This Biblical truth is an area of intentional emphasis at NLCS. Students are encouraged to live out their faith through many means that encourage and build others up. Students participate in school or classroom-wide events that focus on serving others by giving their time and talents. These include our school-wide Operation Impact, visiting local nursing homes, sending cards to American soldiers or those in the hospital. 

  • Building Christ-like Character- Students are also given formal and informal ways of encouraging each other and building each other up. Every student participates in a weekly family group, which is a collection of 6-8 students of varying grades. Through activities and discussions, members of these groups encourage and support each other. Students also participate in Reading Buddies, which pairs an older and younger student together. By reading and spending time with each other, they focus on relationship building and encouragement. 

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