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At New Life Christian School, we are committed to granting access any and all families who desire a Christian education for their children. In fact, no student at New Life Christian School actually pays 100% of the cost of his or her education. Thanks to the financial support of generous partners who contribute to our annual fund and other activities like our golf tournament, registrations and tuitions need only cover about 60% of the total educational costs.


Furthermore, tuition at New Life Christian School is not a “one size fits all” cost. Instead, our unique variable tuition rate is tailored to your family’s unique financial position. Just submit a simple application, and we will determine a tuition rate to fit your family’s budget. It’s as easy as that!


Registration:  From $120-195, depending on number of days enrolled

  • Five full days: $5,850 per child.

  • Three full days (M,W,F) $3,855 per child.

  • Two full days (T,Th) $3,160 per child.

  • Five half days $3,500 per child.

  • Three half days (M,W,F) $2,665 per child.

  • Two half days (T,Th) $1,820 per child.


Tuition & Financial Aid

Kindergarten-12th Grade


  • $305 K-5th

  • $345 6th-12th


  • 1 child- $5,850

  • 2 children- $10,413

  • 3 children- $15,620

  • 4 children- $20,826

Discounts Available​​

  • Multi-child (included above)

  • Variable Tuition- up to 30%

  • Additional Variable Tuition- case by case

  • Pastor/Full-Time Ministry- 10%

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