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Preschool & Pre-K

We cultivate the natural curiosity that God has given our little whether they are in a structured lesson or at play, our students are tapping into their senses to learn about God and the world around them. Within a loving environment, our teachers inspire students to think creatively, solve problems, share with others, fine-tune motor skills, and build a solid foundation for life-long learning.



Drawing perspective and Meaning from God's Word

Our elementary students learn in a nurturing, supportive environment that helps them develop their unique gifts and talents. Students receive daily instruction in each of our core subjects, including Bible, Language Arts, Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. All instruction is provided from a biblical perspective, drawing meaning for each subject directly from God's Word. Additional instruction includes PE, Art, Health, and Music.


Within the classroom, teachers facilitate active learning and hands-on experiences. Additionally, field trips, group projects, and community service are wonderful ways in which our students learn to collaborate, share ideas, and encourage others.

Middle School

Growth through Discovery, Challenges, and Support

We strive to meet one of the most transitional times of a young person's life with love, support, and our own set of challenges for our students. The study of core subjects: Bible, Language Arts, Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies (with additional instruction in Foreign Language, PE and Music) continues in a more rigorous atmosphere, while maintaining focus on God's Word as the basis for learning. We direct our students to develop effective study habits and solid organizational skills, while becoming more independent. We also encourage and facilitate a yearning for knowledge, positive communication, and strong interpersonal skills.


High School

Expanding Horizons, Achieving Goals

Our high school students build on the skills they developed in middle school through a challenging academic program that not only prepares them for college and career, but also provides daily integration of God's Word into coursework. In addition to meeting NYS standards and earning credits required for a NYS Regents/Advanced Regents diploma, NLCS also offers dual enrollment programs through Grand Canyon University, Colgate University, and Morrisville State College whereby juniors and seniors can acquire college credit through successful course completion.

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