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What do you love about NLCS?

What's not to love? NLCS is a family-like environment, full of people to build me up and encourage me in all I do! I can also worship God freely, and better my relationship with Him in all my studies!


In what ways have you grown in your faith as a result of your experience at NLCS? 

Before I started at NLCS, I wasn't overly sure of my faith. I saw faith as a step-by-step process with an end reward of Heaven, and if I was a good enough person and said and did the right things, I would make it to Heaven. NLCS has helped me to realize that my faith is more than that! NLCS has helped show me the love of God and how much He has done and will do for me. As a result, this makes me want to be a better person and grow closer to Him!


Think of a teacher who has/had a positive influence in your school experience and tell us how they challenged you or made learning enjoyable for you? 

All of the teachers at NLCS have had a positive influence on my school experience in their own unique ways. Their teaching styles are all different and challenge me or made learning more enjoyable for me in different ways. All of the teachers go out of their way to make sure that I understand a concept, or that I am learning in a way that best suits me! They care about me as more than just a student, but almost as a close friend or family member. They are also encouraging and great examples of what living for Christ should look like!

Describe the community at NLCS. 

The community at NLCS is unlike any other community. Coming from a public school were you are almost just a number, and you don't know many people outside of your friends circle, to NLCS was an incredible experience. NLCS is a family-like environment where you know everyone on a personal level, even if they are outside of your friends circle. Everyone is very encouraging and trustworthy. At NLCS, you don't have to worry about anyone being rude or unfriendly, those things don't exist! The small class size at NLCS allows unique learning experiences that make learning more fun!


In what ways has NLCS challenged you in your studies, your faith and your character? 

NLCS has challenged me to work harder in my studies. NLCS has taught me that school shouldn't be about just getting by to get to graduation day, but to learn and study everything that I can while I am here to help me in what lies in my future. Faith-wise, NLCS has challenged me to be bold and leave my comfort zone every once in a while which has improved my relationship with God. Before NLCS, I would always try to blend in with the crowd and not allow myself to be myself because I was worried about what others might say or think about me. NLCS has taught me that God has made me unique from everyone else for His purpose, and that His purpose for me isn't changed by what others think about me. 


What are your goals for the future?

My one goal for the future is to trust God in everything that I do, because I know that by doing that, everything else in my future will fall into place!

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