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What do you love about NLCS?

The atmosphere in which I am surrounded by fellow Christians. From the caring teachers that will go the extra mile to see you succeed, to the friendly students. Everyone is close because of the size of the school making it seem as almost a family. 


In what ways have you grown in your faith as a result of your experience at NLCS?

Seeing teachers like Mr. Chandler growing up in the school and coming back to serve. Also, daily encouragement from teachers and friends.


Think of a teacher who has/had a positive influence in your school experience and tell us how they challenged you or made learning enjoyable for you.

Mrs. Clark is very fun but also helps you learn. She really knows the balance between the two. All the teachers understand there is a time for everything.


Describe the community at NLCS.

Positive is one of the best (if not the best) words to describe the community of NLCS. The teachers are always willing to help you. Even the Principal, Mr. Slabaugh, will help you and give you words of advice.


In what ways has NLCS challenged you in your studies, your faith and your character? 

The teachers are always reminding their students to study because they want them to succeed. That alone is very helpful for an imperfect person. Every Bible class and every time we gather together for worship helps me get through the day and is very encouraging.


What are your goals for the future? 

To succeed in my studies, but most importantly grow in my walk with Christ through sanctification. As a career, I am interested in studying neuroscience, but in whatever I do, I want to use my heart for evangelism to share Christ with others. 

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