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What do I love about NLCS? 

At NLCS I love all the kind teachers because they help me with my homework, and they understand when I don’t understand something.


In what ways have you grown in your faith as a result of your experience at NLCS?

I have learned more Scripture which has made it easier in life and to grow in my faith.  I also gained a deeper understanding about my faith which made me believe and trust God more.


Think of a teacher that has/had a positive influence in your school experience and tell us how they challenged you or made learning enjoyable for you.

Mrs. Keys was my Kindergarten teacher.  She made things more enjoyable by using hand motions and sound effects.  She also gave us stickers.


Describe the community of NLCS.

I can always count on my friends and the people in my classes to support me through any time imaginable.  My teachers will also help me and cheer me up.


In what way has NLCS challenged you in your studies, your faith and your character?

I have definitely become smarter and have better examples here than I would at a public school.  I have also learned to get along with people better and to keep my area neat.


What are your goals for the future?

I would like to go to the Olympics for gymnastics, and I would like to be an astronomer because stars and space have always interested me, even as a little kid.

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